-SOLD- Shure M615AS Equalization Analyzer System- $135

Shure EQ Analyzer-1 9

This Shure M615AS Equaliztion Analyzer is in very good condition and comes with its original package: 

Shure EQ Analyzer-1 8Shure EQ Analyzer-1 3
  • M615AS Octave-Band Analyzer
  • Calibrated ES615 Mic and clip
  • 50' Mic Cable
  • 1/4" Phone to Phono cable for pink noise output
  • Power Cable
  • Travel Case
  • Analyzer Service Manual
  • Analyzer and Mic data sheets
Shure EQ Analyzer-1 1

This is one of my first pieces of test equipment.  I bought this after my first Syn-Aud-Con session in 1977.  We've all come a long way, and I've set up a lot of sound systems with this unit since then. Still, this piece still sports a good pink-noise generator, calibrated ES615 mic and cable, and a consistently accurate octave-band analyzer.

This M615AS analyzer can still tell you if your EQ is in the ball park without a computer.  Its a great pink-noise source too!


Shure EQ Analyzer-1 4
Shure EQ Analyzer-1 5
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