-SOLD- Korg M3R A1 Synthesis Module - $95

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Here's a synth I've had in the back of the studio for a while, and only pull it out when piano sounds I'm working on aren't quite what they should be.  The Korg M3R has some great patches that sound really nice, and its easy to use.  It comes with MSC-05 and RPC-05 Piano Cards...


The Korg M3R is a popular synth module for two main reasons... It sounds like an M1 both in name and sonic quality and it's cheap. They usually go for about $150.00 U.S. That's a good price for a synth that has the same 16 voice polyphony and Digital Multi Effects as the M1 and T-Series.

If you have a M1 or T-Series synth and are looking for cheap polyphony expansion this might be a good way to go. You double your max polyphony and add two more Digital Multi Effects in the process.

If you have a M1 and are looking for new Multisounds this synth is attractive. For the price of about 2 Korg Card Sets you get 3 times the waveform data and a synth to boot! Good deal.

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