-SOLD-  B&B EQF-1 - 500 Series Equalizers Modules (2) $195/each or $360/pair

2 B&B Vintage EQ channels just checked at API with my 550's.  These are 500 Series compatable units so they fit in with all of the new 500 Series equipment

B&B EQ - Front




3 band Parametric Equalizer and Filter.

Introduced in the late 1970's, this is a very versatile equalizer. It has a different way of using a pot where zero cut/boost is CCW position and turning clockwise introduces cut. If you wanted to boost, you push the button designated as a "+". This makes it easy to find perfect reciprocals of boosting and cutting. There is an HP and LP Filter on two concentric pots in opposite directions and with a push of a button for selecting the filter, you can bring them in the other direction to use them.

The EQF-1 is the preferred transformer balanced unit. Integrated circuits (IC's) are used throughout and gives this eq its parametric versatility. The output stage uses discrete transistors with good headroom and noise performance.

B&B EQF-1  #00050

B&B EQF-1 6

B&B EQF-1  #00051

B&B EQF-1 5
B&B EQF-1 3B&B EQF-1 1B&B EQF-1 4B&B EQF-1 2

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