Rover's Web Page

Rover took Skyelabs on the road to many wonderful places and projects. This is a page from our first website built by Andrew Stanley.

"Rover", Skyelabs' mobile recording unit, offers the finest in mobile acoustic environments and equipment for live concert recording, remote broadcast, audio for picture, and in-house recording. From Live-to-Two-Track to multiple 3348's. From ISDN Live Broadcast to ADAT, Skyelabs delivers clean, accurate recordings and broadcasts. Our credits range from AC/DC to the San Francisco Opera, U2 to Herbie Hancock, and Van Morrison to Chick Corea. Rover features full 5.1 surround sound mixing capabilities. For more than just saturated tracks, or, if you prefer recording and mixing at your place, give us a call.

    Rover is a GMC PD4106 diesel coach designed for mobile studio work. It features an 8x18 foot control room with two work tables for additional machines, producers, video equipment, etc. plus an 8x10 foot lounge wired for overdubs and other production uses. The coach has been fitted with central air and heat for comfort in all weather. Power cables, audio snakes, mic stands and associated hardware are located in the coaches cargo bays along with the electrical isolation transformers and A/C line regulation.

    Rover's equipment compliment is well maintained and always growing to meet our clients' requests. If there is a particular piece of equipment you are looking for and do not see it on our list, just ask.


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